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Our main office is located at 907 Floyd Avenue in the University Student Commons, Suite 018. Our Testing Center is 2 doors down in Suite 014.

If you are a student registered for classes on the MCV campus, please contact our sister office, the Division for Academic Success, which serves MCV students.

Releasing Information  

Please note that all student information is confidential. If a student is 18 years of age or older, student information (other than exams/tests/quizzes), will only be released to the student and any party indicated on a release form. Upon photo verification, exams are released to instructors and any other persons authorized by the instructor to pick up exams. In certain cases, student information may be released to departments on campus in accordance with FERPA guidelines. SAEO takes student confidentiality very seriously and cannot make exceptions to these conditions in order to protect highly sensitive student information.


Accessibility Issues

Accessibility related issues such as inoperable accessible doors, blocked curb cuts, elevator malfunctions, etc. should be reported immediately by completing a Campus Accessibility Concern Form.


EVAC Chair

In the event that any individual within a VCU building needs to be evacuated due to an emergency, please call the VCU Campus Police at (804) 828-1234 and request the EVAC Chair for assistance.