Learning Specialist Program

SAEO understands that managing the many different aspects of college life is a daunting task for many students. Part of SAEO's mission includes helping students develop college-level academic and learning skills. To accomplish this goal, we created the Learning Specialist Program, where students the opportunity to work one-on-one with an assigned Learning Specialist.

What is a Learning Specialist?

Learning Specialists are graduate students who are are overseen and supervised by a senior member of the SAEO team. They are currently enrolled in programs that align with the mission of the SAEO office, including educational counseling, rehabilitative counseling, social work, and psychology. Learning Specialists are specifically trained to work with students with disabilities on a variety of skills that are important to academics including:

  • Social and institutional support
  • Academic skills related to organization and meeting class expectations (i.e., time management, study skills, test-taking skills)
  • Self-management related to stress, academic self-efficacy, and test anxiety
  • Commitment to college goals and to VCU

Learning Specialists do NOT provide therapy or counseling services related to mental or physical health, provide content instruction (tutoring), approve accommodations, or interact with instructors regarding accommodation needs. They will, however, help students connect with the appropriate offices when such support is needed.

How do I see a Learning Specialist?

During certain portions of the year, access to the Learning Specialist program requires a case manager referral. Contact your case manager to request a referral. When availability begins to open up as the year progresses, we will email all eligible students who may then self-refer.

Any specific questions about the program can be directed to saeols@vcu.edu.