Word Document Accessibility

A Mini-Course

Word documents are one of the most commonly used documents at VCU (as well as Word documents that are converted to PDFs). Knowing how to make a Word doc accessible from the start is an important (and easy!) skill to learn. To help the VCU community develop this skill, VCU and the University of Mary Washington have partnered to make a short mini-course on how to either create a Word doc that is accessible from the start (preferred) or to remediate an existing Word doc so that it is truly accessible (what we focus on in this course). 

This mini-course uses Word 2016 on a Windows machine, but you can still learn lots of valuable tips and tricks if you are running a different version. We recommend downloading our Word Document Accessibility Mini Course Syllabus (the exact same document we use in the course) to follow along and edit with us!

This mini-course is designed to be completed from start to finish in under 25 minutes. It is divided into multiple sections, which makes it easy to revisit any specific content that you want to brush up on at a later date.

If you are a member of the VCU community, you can access this course via Kaltura (recommended in order to be able to view the videos in full screen), where you can ask questions and leave comments. If this method is not preferred, the playlist is embedded, below.