Disability documentation is considered confidential information and does not become part of a student's academic transcript. All disability-related information is housed in the SAEO Office only. Disability documentation shall be released only in accordance with the law and VCU policies and procedures.

Please note that all student information is confidential. Specific inquires regarding student information (including testing information, registration status, office appointments, etc.) will only be answered for each student via VCU email or in person; a valid picture ID will be required prior to receiving in-person information. If a student is 18 years of age or older, student information (other than exams/tests/quizzes), will only be released to the student, and any party indicated on a release form. Upon photo verification, exams are released to instructors and any other persons authorized by the instructor to pick up exams. Minimal basic student information may be released to departments on campus on a strict, educational, need-to-know basis. SAEO takes student confidentiality very seriously, and cannot make exceptions to these conditions, including for parents, in order to protect highly sensitive student information.

Disclosing a Disability

Students are under no obligation to disclose their disability unless an accommodation is being requested; likewise, faculty and staff have no authority to see disability documentation or have any information concerning a student's disability without a legitimate educational need to know or written permission from the student.