Service and Emotional Support Animals

Virginia Commonwealth University strives to ensure our campus, facilities, and programs are accessible and welcoming to all individuals. In fact, access serves as a cornerstone of our very mission as a moral and ethical obligation, rather than just a legal requirement. We recognize that for some individuals equal access requires additional supports or accommodations, which we acknowledge in our Accessibility Policy and Nondiscrimination Statement. While VCU generally does not permit animals within facilities, we also recognize that Service and Emotional Support Animals can play a crucial role in the lives and success of many individuals with disabilities. As an institution, we are committed to supporting students who have a verifiable need to bring a Service or Emotional Support Animal on campus.

Included below are some general guidelines and a collection of the more common questions that students, faculty and staff tend to have regarding Service and Emotional Support Animals. Please feel free to contact the Office of Student Accessibility and Educational Opportunity (SAEO) if you have any additional questions which could not be answered here.

General Questions

Student Information

Faculty/Staff Information