In addition to academic accommodations, SAEO oversees several other categories of accommodations and services for students. You can learn more about each of those and submit a request for your accommodation letter here.

Request for Accommodation Letters

Request an accommodation letter for your instructor(s) to use your accommodations. 

Get an Accommodation Letter

Testing Access Center Appointments

If you have a testing accommodation, request a testing appointment through the Testing Access Center (TAC).

Request a Testing Appointment

Alternative Format Materials Request Form

Many students who register with SAEO are approved for print materials in an alternative format in order to assist them with accessing their course work at VCU. These items may include textbooks, articles, and other various items that need to be formatted so that students may use screen readers, text to speech software, and/or magnification software in order to access their course materials.

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Course Substitutions

In certain limited instances where a student has a disability that is so profound that it precludes their ability to meet a course requirement, the student may petition for a course substitution. These requests will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

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Dining Accommodations

VCUDine has an extensive team of culinary experts and on-campus resources available to help accommodate most types of dietary restrictions, including soy, gluten, and dairy-free. In certain limited instances, a student may be unable to have their nutritional needs met and wish to request dining accommodations.  These requests will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

Get a Dining Accommodation

Grievance Procedure

Any student who feels they have been subject to discrimination based on a disability or who feel they have been unjustly denied reasonable accommodations may file a grievance.

File a Grievance

Housing Accommodations

Living on campus can be a new and exciting experience for college students. In an effort to effectively respond to student requests for housing modifications or accommodations, we have created the Housing Accommodation Request Committee. Students interested in housing accommodations based on a medical, psychological, physical, or other disability-related impairment may submit their request here.

Get a Housing Accommodation

Service and Emotional Support Animals

While VCU generally does not permit animals within facilities, we also recognize that Service and Emotional Support Animals can play a crucial role in the lives and success of many individuals with disabilities. As an institution, we are committed to supporting students who have a verifiable need to bring a Service or Emotional Support Animal on campus.

Learn more about Support Animals

Note Taking Request Form

Many students who register with SAEO are entitled to note-taking services in class to assist students with note-taking. Students who are entitled to this accommodation will have this information listed on their accommodation letter. A SAEO case manager/staff member must determine that this is a necessity for you as a student in order to receive this accommodation. Requests for note-taking will only be provided by SAEO if the accommodation is listed on the student’s accommodation letter.

Request Note Taking Services