3 Steps to Registration

1. Complete an Intake Form

We recommend students complete an intake form with SAEO prior to or upon arrival at VCU. There is no deadline for registering, however, so students may start this process at any time during their enrollment.  An intake form is required in order to register with SAEO and it should be completed by the student, even if they are under 18 years of age. The intake form provides students the opportunity to describe their disability, educational history, and needs in their own words, which helps guide their intake meeting with their case manager (see below).

2. Provide Documentation

In addition to completing an intake form, all students should provide documentation of their disability. Documentation must be supplied by an appropriately licensed professional, be relatively current, and follow certain criteria, as provided in the Documentation Guidelines. 

SAEO can receive documentation via email, fax, mail, and in-person. 

3. Complete an Intake Meeting

Once proper documentation and intake paperwork are received, SAEO will review these materials to determine eligibility for services and supports. Following this review, the student will be contacted by a staff member at SAEO either to schedule an intake meeting or to request additional information.

Intake meetings are a chance for students to further clarify their needs and concerns, as well as familiarize themselves with the SAEO staff, procedures, and facility. Students can expect for these meetings to be an open and interactive dialogue related to their intake form, documentation, and past and current educational experiences. Intake meetings also serve as an opportunity to discuss student rights and responsibilities, as well as SAEO procedures. Intake meetings are typically held in-person but may also take place virtually, last 30-60 minutes, and are scheduled during regular business hours. These meetings generally result in a student having a formal accommodation and support plan.